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Magical Canada for the Traveler

by rootmaster March 22, 2019

What exactly is Electronic travel authorization Canada

eTA Canada

Any person wishing to go to Canada with an electronic passport given by a nation covered by the Visa Waiver Program need to make an application for an ETA travel authorization in order to travel around. Before you board a plane traveling to Canada, you need to obtain an electronic travel authorization via ETA, also referred to as Electronic Travel Authorization. If you have not acquired your permission or you do not have the authorization on time, sadly, you cannot visit Canada by plane. Applying for an ETA Canada visa is your own duty.

Are you touring Canada soon and do you want to find out more about the compulsory eTA Canada? Learn more concerning the Canadian visa requirements in this article.

Submit an application for Canadian visa

If you’d like to visit Canada and want an Visa to Canada, you must arrange this compulsory application at least four weeks before your departure to the country. In most instances, the ETA provides immediate consent to enter the nation, nonetheless it can also take place that your visa application will be processed for more than three days.

If you do not have approval and also your visa application is denied, this doesn’t imply that you need to cancel your trip. In this case, you can submit an application for an emergency visa via the Canadian embassy ?so you can still enter the nation. Submitting an application for an urgent visa through the Canadian embassy has been done in in this manner, however it will get a couple of days to process the application. To guarantee that you can travel with out stress and problems, we, therefore, advise that you request your eTA and possibly your visa from the Canadian embassy soon enough.

The application for an ETA is normally only refused in the event you threaten to cause a danger to society and the Canadian authorities doesn’t like you to have it in the country. If you are not good in the English dialect or don’t use it correctly, make sure you use our Dutch handbook for completing your application.
The legality of the eTA Canada
The authorization you will get if you have received an ETA is legal for a maximum period of five years. If your passport expires earlier, the eTA will also be valid for a shorter period of time. This is mainly because the eTA is connected to your own passport and can no longer be used when you have made an application for a brand new passport. If approval is withdrawn earlier, the eTA Canada will be valid for a shorter time period than the five-year time period.
Submitting an application for an ETA Canada: exceptions

There are several exceptions for submitting an application for an ETA Canada. For instance, you do not have to submit an application for an ETA if you’re a Canadian resident from another country, and in addition in case you already have a valid visa to travel to Canada. In case you travel from the United States to Canada via the land, submitting an application for an ETA is not compulsory. Take note: if you fly from America to Canada with a stopover in the United States, both an ESTA and an eTA are necessary to successfully accomplish your journey.

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